Dean is fantastic, his knowledge of natural alternatives is evident. He is very thorough and I know regardless of the ailment he can find a solution by addressing your diet and areas you may be deficient. Dean has helped my husband and I lose huge amounts of weight and helped us understand what is going on in our bodies. We highly recommend Dean to anybody who wants to heal and look after their body naturally. We enjoy our visits with Dean!


I've seen Dean for a few health issues and been really happy! I'd been meaning to see Dean for weight loss for months but didn't get around to it. Now I have I'm so so glad I did! I feel like he's opened my eyes to many things that I never got from mass produced plans. It's also something I can really see myself maintaining as a lifestyle and it's working! The way he addressed it was personal and went to the root of why I struggle! He really shows that he loves what he does and cares about his clients! Thanks Dean! I'd recommend you to anyone looking for a natropath, weight loss or any health issues.


I started seeing Dean around 3 years ago, he was recommended to me by a friend who had achieved great results with him. I liked Dean immediately, he is a very personable man that is passionate about his job and helping people to be the best they can be physically, mentally and emotionally. With Dean you can laugh and you can cry, he is very patient,caring and understanding. He never judges or demands he just gently guides you along the right path without criticism. I have recommended Dean to many people over the years and everyone who has seen him has been very happy with him.