What is Estrogen Dominance?

If you are a female and reading this, there is a 1 in 5 chance you have too much estrogen. Many women between 30's and early 40's get it and a surplus of it can be mild to moderate.


  1. Decrease libido

  2. Irregular cycles

  3. Bloating/water retention

  4. Lumpy breasts

  5. Headaches

  6. Mood swings

  7. Weight gain around abdomen

  8. Cold hands and feet

  9. Hair loss

  10. Foggy thinking

  11. Fatigue

  12. Insomnia

  13. PMS

- Astonishingly, there are strong links, unfortunately, to breast cancer. - Most breast cancers (around 90%) are said to be due to estrogen dominance. - You see, as women enter peri-menopause (years before menopause) and women experience anovulatory cycles (a cycle where no ovulation occurs), estrogen can become unopposed, causing the above symptoms. So, skipping ovulation cycles enhances these symptoms.


A diagnosis may be essential and can be tested through saliva hormones (bizarre isn't it!?). Kits can be sent to your home and results sent off to a laboratory to look at the different types of estrogen you have.


1. No quick fixes, I'm afraid. however getting the diet right is essential. 2. Increasing fibre - estrogen excess is eliminated in the toilet 3. Progesterone creams - e.g. Wild Yam 4. Decrease the carbs! 5. Milk thistle, or chemicals in broccoli extract called Indole-3-Cordinal encourages the liver to flush the excess out 6. Stress - decreasing it always helps

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