So Probiotics + Bacteria in our bowel influence our weight?

There are thousands of different bacteria in our digestive system. Majority are ideally friendly. These bacteria promote our immunity, digestive and cardiovascular health, though very recently have been discovered to influence the scales and abdominal girth. Human and animal clinical studies have confirmed and have well documented that in the bodies of ideal and overweight people there are significantly different ratios (on average) of various digestive bacteria. The bottom line is bacteria in our bowel directly influences what we weigh.

Facts 1. certain forms (gasseri + lactobacilli) inhibit certain types of fat to be absorbed 2. release satiety hormones 3. reduce inflammation in the body which perpetuates obesity related diseases 4. control whether to absorb or eliminate

2 strains: lactobacillus rhomnuses and lactobacillus gasser have very recently been shown, in a female study of 1000 women, to enhance fat loss by 60% more than placebos.

So, due to these very real findings from constant research being presented before me, this very association will change the way i help thousands of people in the next year. After my due diligence on such research, I look forward to even more amazing results for these who can be tough to help, and those who have tirelessly tried and exhausted all avenues!

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